Gustavo "Minerva" Alves is the jungler for CNB e-Sports Club.
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Originally a solo queue midlaner, Minerva is known for his support play, especially when using  Thresh. Minerva played mid lane with a common team under several different organizations. When PaiN Gaming released Espeon after Gamescom 2013 Wildcard Tournament, Minerva started to duo queue with BrTT and soon he joined the team as the new support. Despite not having much experience playing support, Minerva's play contributed to PaiN's success while he was a member of the team.

In May 2014, Minerva left paiN and joined KaBuM! e-Sports as their starting AD carry, replacing dans in that role; dans moved to support and Espeon was made a substitute. With KaBuM!, Minerva participated in the 2014 Season World Championship, and though the team placed last in their group, they notably beat Alliance in one game. Minerva's  Jinx play was a large contributing factor to their success in that victory.

On October 31st 2014, Minerva announced that he was stepping down from KaBuM!, not retiring but taking some time off.

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