Guilherme "Meduza" Ferreira Somsen was previously the mid laner for K1ck Black.
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Guilherme "Meduza" Ferreira Somsen plays mid lane for For the Win eSports. He started playing video games at an early age but had his first taste of competitive gaming at just 12 years old playing Call of Duty 2. Meduza began playing LoL when one of his Call of Duty teammates introduced him to the game and he got hooked. The first champion he mained was Akali. Prior to playing competitive LoL, he was planning on going to University for management and finances.

His competitive LoL career began when a Portuguese team approached him after he had reached 2200 ELO. He helped that team place second at a local tournament and began to get a lot of recognition. Meduza plays only mid lane because in his opinion it is the most fun and doesn't plan on switching positions any time soon. When starting his career, his parents were very open-minded and supported him because they saw that he enjoyed playing and was able to make some money in the process. He joined For the Win eSports in 2013. In 2014 the team made several roster changes, one of which was moving Meduza to a sub position because the rest of his team felt he wasn't playing up to par with the competition they were facing. Despite this setback, he intends to play competitive LoL for as long as he can.

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