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AD Carry
Team Rank
Ramsey Aoude
October 1996
AustraliaAD Carry
Team Rank: TBAactiveactive
Ramsey "Maz" Aoude was previously the AD carry for Avant Garde.

Born in Sydney, Maz started playing video games at the age of 5, playing on the N64, before playing Donkey Kong and Pokemon on the GameBoy. After living in Norway for 5 years, he returned to Sydney, and it was at this time when he began playing League of Legends.

His competitive career started as a sub for Team Curse OCE, replacing Keane. With the team, he got to the semifinals of the 2014 Oceanic Regional - Winter. He then moved on to join The Chiefs eSports Club as a sub, where he played a number of roles. After leaving the team at the end of the year, Maz then went on to join Avant Garde, changing his name from Mazui. With his new team, he participated at IEM Season IX - Taipei, though the team were beaten by Taipei Assassins in the quarterfinals.

Maz is currently participating in the OPL Autumn Split with Avant Garde.

Player Team History
Avant Garde
Apr 2015
Avant Garde
Jan 2015
Chiefs Esports Club
Aug 2014
Team Curse OCE
Jul 2014
Team Curse OCE
May 2014

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