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José "Maniaku" Ferreira currently lives in Lisboa, Portugal. He started playing video games when he was 13 years old. Prior to playing competitive League of Legends, Maniaku was working. His future plans before becoming a competitive LoL player included having a wife, a big house, a nice car, and some money. When he first started playing League of Legends, his main champions were Ashe and Twisted Fate. His in-game name came from him making lots of insane plays while in solo queue. People then began calling him Maniac or the Maniac Gamer.

Maniac began playing competitively because several people told him that he had a future in League of Legends. He always has and always will play Support competitively. He was brought on to FTW eSports because he had great mechanics and that was something the team needed from the support position. He has been playing competitively for three years and plans to continue playing for one or two more years.

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