Lim "LY4" Yang is currently the top laner for Vestigial.
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Season 1

Lim "ly4ly4ly4" Yang first entered the scene in season 1 with Flash eSports participating in the 2011 World Cyber Games. In the group stages they ended up going 3-0 beating the likes of the then Team Acer and the former Gamersburg Team. Unfortunately in the first round of playoffs, Flash was knock out of the tournament by Millenium losing to them 2-1.

Season 2

In March of 2012, Singapore Sentinels acquired the roster of Flash eSports. ly4ly4ly4 first started out as the main AD carry for the Sentinels but afterwards got benched as Chawy entered the team to play as AP/AD carry. As ToFuBoi's military service drew closer, ly4 was once again put in the main line-up as AD carry with d4rkness as his support. After several role swaps within the Sentinels, ly4 continued to play as AD carry with HaRleLuYaR as his support while d4rkness moved to the jungle of the Sentinels.

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