Zhu "Loong" Xiao-Long (Hanzi: 朱小龙) is a top laner for Vici Gaming. He was previously known as x1aolong.
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2014 Season

Zhu Xiao-Long got his competitive start on the team Gamefy, playing mid lane under the name 小龙 (his real name in Chinese). When the team was acquired by LinG, he changed his name to x1aolong and his role to top. He competed with the team in the Summer season of the 2014 LoL Secondary Pro League (LSPL), finishing in 12th place with a 2-8-5 record. Despite the team's poor performance, x1aolong was picked up by the Vici organization. He played first on Vici Stand Gaming and then on Vici Potential Gaming.

2015 Season

On Vici Potential Gaming, x1aolong changed his name to Loong. The team competed in the 2015 LSPL Spring, where it finished first in its group and qualified for playoffs. In playoffs, the team finished 2nd, losing to Qiao Gu in the grand final. As a result, the team directly qualified for the Summer season of the 2015 LoL Pro League (LPL). Due to rules that prohibited two teams in the LPL being owned by the same organization, Vici Potential Gaming left the Vici organization and renamed to Unlimited Potential. Unlimited Potential struggled in the LPL, finishing close to the bottom of the standings with a 3-11-8 record. The team was relegated to the Promotion Tournament, where it was eliminated by Team WE in the semifinals and relegated back to the LSPL. At the end of the season, however, Loong moved to Vici Gaming to replace the former top laner, Carry.

2016 Season

Loong competed on Vici Gaming in both the 2016 LPL Spring and 2016 LPL Summer. The team finished 5th/6th in both tournaments, which earned it enough Championship Points to compete in the 2016 Season China Regional Finals for a chance to qualify for the 2016 Season World Championship.

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