Park "kfo" Jeong-hun (Hangul: 박정훈) was previously the top laner for Echo Fox.
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2016 Season

Park "kfo" Jeong-hun joined his first competitive team Echo Fox in January 2016 as their top laner after spending time in Challenger of the Korean soloqueue ladder. The team had recently purchased Gravity's NA LCS Spring Season seed. Visa problems kept kfo along with teammates Hard and Froggen out of competition for several games early on in the season, and despite an upswing after the full roster returned, Echo Fox placed seventh at the end of the spring split - out of playoffs but also safe from relegation. Their overall season record was 6-12, with 6 of those losses coming from their games with a substitute roster as well as a forfeit prior to determining their substitute roster. With their full lineup, their record was 6-6.

In the Summer Season, Echo Fox had almost no roster problems at all - they substituted Grigne in for two games in week 3, and switched Froggen to top lane for one game while kfo played mid lane, but other than that they had a completely stable roster. With stability did not come an improvement over their spring performance; while they picked up several individual game wins (including handing Team SoloMid their only game 1 defeat of the entire split), the team lost every single series after the first week and finished in last place, three series behind the ninth-place NRG. In the 2017 Spring Promotion Tournament, Echo Fox turned their season around and took advantage of NRG's weakness, beating Team Liquid Academy in the elimination round, losing to the much-improved Phoenix1, and then sweeping NRG in the final series to return to the LCS for 2017.

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