Pedro "Kepe" Guilherme Nunes Ferreira was previously the AD carry for K1ck Black.
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Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal Kepe began playing video games at the tender age of five. At the age of six his family got a computer and he played games like Duke Nukem. Prior to playing League of Legends, Pepe played football. Unfortunately he broke his arm and was unable to continue playing which is when he picked up LoL and World of Warcraft. Before he got into the Portuguese competitive LoL scene, he intended to go to university to study economics.

He got his name from a nickname his family gave him when he was younger, Pêpê. However he didn't like that name so he began calling himself Pepetheking. Outside of the game, he likes to go to the beach and hang out with friends. His brother brought him into the game and at first he didn't enjoy playing it because of the graphics. However after giving it a second chance he really enjoyed it. His first main champion was Annie.

When Kepe first started playing competitive LoL his parents weren't very supportive. However they have since changed their view and support him fully. Being a known player within the Portuguese scene, he eventually got picked up by For The Win eSports because he played well at a tournament despite his team finishing fourth.

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K1ck Black
Aug 2016
K1ck Black
Feb 2015
For The Win eSports
Jan 2013