Tomas "Karalius" Špiliauskas was previously the support for Team Ultra Vires.
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He started playing video games at a very young age. From early 2003 to late 2008 he played Counter-Strike competitively. With a lot of LAN tournament experience under his belt, he moved on to different games to find his next passion. From mid 2006 he has been making a living playing poker.

In late 2009, Karalius discovered League of Legends, mainly playing on the NA server. Playing a lot of games and improving quickly he found himself playing with the biggest names in the scene: HotShotGG, Reginald, Elementz etc. His normal game ELO at the end of pre-season 1 was ~2300 (according to a bug that allowed you to look at your normal game ELO in the game log files) He played with a team that consisted of members like: fredy122, havoc24 who are quite known in the EU scene right now.

After season 1 launched, Karalius moved to the EU server. After leveling quickly he reached 2000 ELO in solo-queue and started competing in GO4LOL tournaments with his team: tictacs. Tictacs consisted of a few very well known players: yellowpete, fredy122, havoc24.

In season 2, he reached 2000 solo-queue ELO again and competed in various tournaments with team Leethuanyan (Members: Karalius(jungle), Angush(top), Extinkt(mid), Prepared(support), Karijus(ad)).

From early 2012, Karalius took a break from the game. He returned to League of Legends in August of 2012 when he reached ~2000 ELO on the North American Server, then moved to the EU-West server where he achieved ~2500 ELO.

From December 2012 to April 2013, he played support for Against All Authority, qualifying and playing in LCS spring split of 2013 until he was replaced by Dioud.

On 24th of August 2013 Karalius qualified for the finals of a CIS + Baltic LAN tournament in Kiev run by TECHLABS with "Ray of Deads" (A team consisting of Miramax, Gliukoze, Warhunter, Gvidas and himself). His team then qualified to a Minsk tournament also run by TECHLABS.

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