Alvin "iMysterious" Ngo is a top laner for FlyQuest Academy.

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Alvin "Mysterious" Ngo joined Fission Esports as part of their starting roster on October 2nd, 2014 under the name YellowAznGuy. With Fission, he qualified for the Spring Expansion Tournament via the ranked 5's ladder. Upon qualifying, he changed his ID to Mysterious. In the first round of the online portion of the tournament, Fission lost 0-2 to Team LoLPro. Shortly after, the team disbanded and Mysterious left.

Mysterious joined Zenith eSports for the HTC Ascension tournament in November 2015. They made it out of the group stage but then lost in the quarterfinals to Also Known As, and the next day, the roster disbanded. After leaving Zenith, he joined Astral Authority along with Zenith teammate Arcsecond.

2016 Season

Mysterious rejoined Zenith eSports in January 2016, in addition to changing his ID to IMysterious for the start of the 2016 season. He was a substitute for Astral Authority in the NACS Qualifier but did not play.

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