Matthew "Impaler" Taylor is a coach for SEA Serpents.
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Matthew "Impaler" Taylor was born in Somerset, England. He started playing video games while young, and enjoyed Age of Empires as one of his favorites. He got into competitive gaming through World of Warcraft Arena and Heroes of Newerth, and he was also a Major League chess player in high school. Prior to playing League of Legends competitively, Taylor was in his first year of studying computer forensics and security at Bristol. He was introduced to the League competitive scene playing UK LANs with future SHC teammate kaSing.

Season 3

After joining Team Infused as their AD carry, under the name JnT Taylor late on in Season 2, he participated with the team at Insomnia47 Winter 2012. The team, which also included DxAlchemist and NitriX, ended up winning the tournament. Soon after this, Impaler left the team and joined British Tea Time along with Yerrow (now KaSing). Soon after, in May 2013, British Tea Time was acquired by Dignitas to form Team Dignitas UK.

With the organization, he competed in a number of tournaments, beginning with the SCAN & NVIDIA EUW Invitational, where the team lost in the quarterfinals to eventual winners, Heimerdinger's Colossi. Impaler and the team also participated at Insomnia49 Summer 2013, with the team finishing in 3rd place after losing to Reason Gaming in the final bracket. Next up for Impaler was the MCM eSports Tournament, a tournament consisting only of the top UK teams. Team Dignitas UK won the tournament without losing a single game, establishing themselves as the best team in the United Kingdom.

Impaler's final tournament with the team was the International Invitational Tournament 2, where the team impressed on a much bigger platform. The team beat Dark Passage and Millenium during the tournament, but eventually lost to Copenhagen Wolves in the final.

Towards the end of the season, Impaler subbed for SUPA HOT CREW in the LCS Spring Promotion. Impaler and the team finished 2nd in the challenger stage, meaning that they would progress to the promotion stage. SHC thought that their LCS hopes were over after losing to SK Gaming in their promotion match-up, but after Lemondogs were removed from the Spring Split, the SUPA HOT CREW played a deciding match against MeetYourMakers to decide who would take their spot. Impaler and the team won the game, meaning that SHC would be playing in the Spring Split.

2014 Season

Impaler left Dignitas UK at the start of the season, with the team disbanding 4 days later. After subbing for them at the end of the last season, Impaler officially joined SUPA HOT CREW in January 2014.

The Spring Split was not a success for Impaler and the team, where they placed 7th overall. Their performance in the split meant that they would have to play in the Summer Promotion Tournament and fight for their spot in the Summer Split. Impaler and the rest of the SUPA HOT CREW beat Cloud 9 Eclipse in their promotion match, securing their place in the next split.

The Summer Split was a huge improvement on the previous split, with SUPA HOT CREW fininshing 3rd, behind Alliance and Fnatic. Impaler was joined by former team-mate kaSing part way during the split as he replaced wewillfailer. The whole team performed extremely well over the split, and their performance landed them a place in the Summer Playoffs. Impaler and the team lost to Team ROCCAT in the quarterfinals, but winning their 5th place match against Millenium meant that they would be sure of their place in the 2015 Spring Split.

Impaler and teammate kaSing officially left SUPA HOT CREW on October 2nd, 2014. Impaler remained a free agent for a few weeks, and then on October 28th 2014, it was announced that he was replacing Santorin on Team Coast to play in the NA Spring Expansion Tournament.

After Coast had given up their Expansion Tournament qualification due to losing three members of the team that had played in the Promotion Tournament, they qualified via the Challenger Ladder with the top seed, ahead of Enemy eSports. Impaler and the team easily went through the online stage of the tournament, defeating Call Gaming and LoLPro both 2-0. Matched against Curse Academy in the live tournament, they lost in the first round but then beat Final 5 and Team Fusion, sealing their qualification for the 2015 LCS Spring Split. Impaler managed to impress throughout the tournament, most particularly on  Rengar and  Jarvan IV.

2015 Season

Team Coast's starting roster going into the 2015 Spring LCS Split included Cris, Impaler, Jesiz, Mash, and Sheep. At the end of the 7th week of play, Coast had an overall 1-13 record, and the organization acquired the roster of Final Five and made roster substitutions between the teams; Impaler and Sheep moved to the Challenger team, who were currently in second place in the spring season. WTHeaven replaced him on Coast, while Final Five's support KonKwon replaced Sheep. However, after the merge, Final Five's results actually worsened, and they lost all of their remaining Challenger Series games - they did still qualify for the playoffs, but they lost 0-2 to Enemy and then 0-2 to Team Fusion, missing out on the Summer Promotion Tournament. Due to their playoff participation, they were given an automatic seed into the summer NACS season.

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