Kim "Hermes" Kang-hwan (Hangul: 김강환) was previously the AD carry for Team Olympus.
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Kim "Hermes" Kang-hwan is a professional player who was previously the AD carry for MVP Blue. He is known for always wearing his emotions on his sleeve. As a result, he plays well when coming off a win, and poorly when coming off a loss.

In March 2013, he joined CJ Entus Frost as AD Carry. After a sub-par performance in OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013, Space became the main AD carry of CJ Entus Frost and Hermes along with Muse were transferred to CJ Entus Blaze as additional players.

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CJ Entus Blaze
Oct 2013
CJ Entus Blaze
Jul 2013
CJ Entus Frost
Jun 2013
CJ Entus Frost
FormerMVP Blue
Mar 2013
MVP Blue
Jan 2013
MVP Blue
JoinedMVP Blue
May 2012