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Peter Lim (성뮤임)
South Korea
South Korea
May 1991
South KoreaSupport
Team Rank: TBAactiveactive
Peter "Heartbeat" Lim (Hangul: 성뮤임) was previously a substitute support for Team Dignitas.
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He began his gaming career playing Defense of the Ancients and quickly grew tired of the game. Looking for a new game to play, he stumbled upon League of Legends and enjoyed playing it and has played ever since. He is currently attending UC San Diego in pursuit of an Applied Mathematics degree. Although he started off as an ADC for Team MRN, he switched over to the role of support with Nientonsoh taking over ADC. He has stated that this was because being ADC was too mechanically demanding to both perform well and to be able to call plays for his team.

On January 9th, 2015, Team Dignitas announced that they are searching for new substitution players and that Cruzerthebruzer, Azingy, Flappy Bearfish, and Heartbeat are no longer on the roster.

Player Team History
Team Dignitas
Nov 2015
Team Dignitas
FormerTeam MRN
Jun 2013
Team MRN
May 2013
Team MRN
JoinedTeam MRN
Dec 2012

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