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Cuong "Flaresz" Ta was previously the top laner for Sin Gaming.

2015 Preseason

With teammates Thinkcard, Yusui, WizFujiiN, and KEITHMCBRIEF on Team LoLPro, Flaresz qualified for the qualified for the Spring Expansion Tournament via the ranked 5's ladder. The team beat Team Fission in the first round 2-0 but then lost 0-2 to Team Coast in the second round.

On December 30th, Enemy eSports announced Flaresz as their new top laner. Flaresz also joined Winterfox as a substitute player. In the first week of the spring split, Flaresz played in place of Avalon, who had not yet arrived in the country. He played  Renekton both games, and the team went 1-1.

2015 Season

Enemy played in the North American Challenger Series qualifiers as the #1 seed from the Ranked 5's ladder and qualified for the Challenger Series with 2-0 victories over Arbiters and Darkness. They finished the Challenger season as the top team with a 9-1 record, dropping only one game to Team Fusion. In the playoffs, they defeated Final Five and then Team Dragon Knights and successfully qualified for the Summer LCS split. Enemy's summer split performance was rocky, and they didn't finish higher than seventh place a single week after the second. They ended the split in ninth place, one game above Team Dragon Knights, narrowly avoiding autorelegation. However, in the 2016 Spring Promotion tournament, Enemy lost 3-0 to Team Coast and were sent to the Challenger Series. After their relegation, Flaresz left the team.

2016 Season

Flaresz joined Renegades as a substitute at the start of the season, and he was moved to the starting lineup halfway through week 4 of the LCS, sharing time with RF Legendary. After being unable to win a game as starting toplaner, Renegades traded Flaresz, RF Legendary and Alex Ich to Team Dragon Knights in exchange for Seraph and Ninja ahead of Week 8. Flaresz started for TDK for their entire NACS Playoff run, where they finished in second place behind Apex Gaming, and for all but one game of the Summer LCS Promotion Tournament, where they beat Team Dignitas but then lost to Renegades and Apex Gaming.

On May 8th, 2016, Riot released a competitive ruling stating that they had investigated the relationship between TDK and Renegades and found an inappropriate link between the two organizations, with the March roster trade and the sources of financial compensation to the players after the trade being one of the major problems. As a result of their findings, Riot ruled that TDK would be banned permanently from Riot-sponsored league play. After the ruling, TDK sold their spot to Eanix and Flaresz left the team.

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