Vitor "Falco" Castellani was previously the support for MAD Gaming.
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Vitor "Falco" Castellani started playing Ragnarok Online at the age of 9. He played the RWC (Ragnarok World Championship) three consecutives times (2010 - Indonesia | 2011 - South Korea | 2012 - South Korea) with Break Team. He got second place winning the host team (South Korea) in Semifinals.

After his experience with Ragnarok Online, Falco decides to play League of Legends in end of 2012. Between 2013 and 2014 he improves a lot his gameplay.

He stopped for a while in end of 2013 because of study.

In 2014 started to play with his friends in Ban Karma (Fifo, Xnove, Golias and Own). Then he was invited to AceZone (new lineup) after Own and Fifo went to Mad Gaming and the team Ban Karma be disbanded.

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