Divit "DxAlchemist" Bui was previously a substitute mid laner for Renegades: Banditos.
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Divit "DxAlchemist" Bui started playing video games at the young age of 5, and he's been playing all his life. A friend of his got him into playing League of Legends. His first impression was that he didn't like the game, but soon after he began liking the game more and more. His first champion he played was  Annie.

One of his good friends pushed him to join the competitive scene and helped him a lot. He went to his first lan event, Insomnia 46, with a couple his friends. He had a great experience but unfortunately they got knocked out early stage. Following some time after that, the next Insomnia 47, he was picked up by Infused and that was the first competitive League of Legends team he played on. They achieved first place at Insomnia 47.

His parents support him in wanting to pursue playing League of Legends professionally.

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Renegades: Banditos
Jan 2016
Ex Nihilo
Nov 2015
Ex Nihilo
JoinedEx Nihilo
Jun 2015
Glacial Phoenix
May 2015
Glacial Phoenix
Feb 2015
Team Dignitas UK
Jan 2014
Animate eSports
Sep 2013
Animate eSports
Aug 2013