Johnson "ChumpJohn" Ranta is the top laner for Gaming Gaming.
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Johnson "ChumpJohn" Ranta hails from Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada. He started playing videogames at a young age, and has played several different genres of games professionally. Prior to playing League of Legends, Ranta played World of Warcraft, where his smurf druid reached Rank 1 worldwide. He began playing League of Legends in Season 2, and initially played  Graves heavily before eventually settling into the role of top lane.

Season 3

In June 2013, ChumpJohn joined SouLControL as their top laner. He competed with them in the SoloMid IPL6 Qualifier, where they fell 0-1 to Cloud9 in the winners bracket, and then fell to WE DA BEST 0-1 in the losers bracket.

2014 Season

In February 2014, ChumpJohn joined Area of Effect as their top laner. With AoE, ChumpJohn won numerous Go4LoL's, and placing in the 5-8th category in both the 2014 Black Monster Cup NA Summer and 2014 Black Monster Cup NA Spring. Ultimately, AoE placed in the 5-8th category in the 2014 NA Challenger Series - Summer
In June, Ranta parted ways with AoE and joined Monstar KittenZ as their top laner. Monstar KittenZ qualified for the LCS 2015 Season NA Spring Expansion Tournament through Ranked 5's ladder placement but then lost to compLexity.White 1-2 in the first round of the tournament.

2015 Season

ChumpJohn joined Zenith eSports as their new starting top laner in February 2015. They competed in the NACS Summer Qualifier but lost to Team Liquid Academy in the first round 0-2.

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