Ruben "ChewedUp" Rodriguez was previously the AD carry for Choke Gaming.
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Ruben "ChewedUp" Rodriguez, having played video games throughout most of his life, started playing League of Legends after reaching top 20 on the HoN ladder in 2 years of playing the game.

Season 3

ChewedUp's first cometitive team was Animate eSports, where he played alongside DxAlchemist among others. They competed at Insomnia49 Summer 2013, but finished 4th after being knocked out in the final bracket stage by Reason Gaming.

After only a short time with the team, he moved on to join Team Kappa Prime, where he played with kaSing (then called Yerrow). Here he competed in the SCAN EUW Winter Invitational, though the team were knocked out in the semifinals by Gamers2.

2014 Season

After leaving the team at the start of the new season, ChewedUp then played with the roster of Steve Bakes Cookies, which included Yerrow once again, for some time.

Later on in the year, ChewedUp was part of the roster that formed Mistakes Were Made, along with DxAlchemist, numlocked, Lasagne and others. After finishing in 2nd place at MCM Invitational London 2014, the roster was soon picked up by Choke Gaming.

ChewedUp and the team finished in 1st place at Insomnia53 Winter 2014, following this up with another 1st place finish, this time in the 4 Nations Tournament 2014, where they beat FM eSports in the final.

2015 Season

Early in the season, ChewedUp joined ladder team Teach me How 2 Dugi, while remaining on the roster of Choke Gaming, with whom he then picked up 2nd place finishes at Insomnia54 Spring 2015 and in the ESL UK Premiership Spring 2015.

The ladder team reached the top of the EUW Challenger Ladder to qualify for the 2015 EUCS Summer Qualifier, and became Ex Nihilo. ChewedUp was also a sub for H2k-Gaming for a month before officially joining the team.

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