Linden "CheesdBeluga" Schwark is a Canadian player who was previously a sub for Team 8.
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After becoming interested in casual gaming and discovering the most popular online game, World of Warcraft, Linden "Cheesedbeluga" Schwark soon found himself with an insatiable need to compete against other players. What seemed to begin as an entertaining role-playing game, slowly transitioned into a vicious, highly competitive enviroment in which many of his gaming talents would be recognized.

Having only one computer for the most of his childhood, he and his twin brother Braeden "PorpoisePops" Schwark often contested its use. Once they obtained an additional computer, however, they began to play nearly everything together; World of Warcraft, Bloodline Champions and now League of Legends. Over time their skills in League of Legends became great enough that they decided to forge a career in gaming where they could continue to perfect their abilities and one day realize their dreams of becoming world champions with vVv Gaming

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