Steve "Chauster" Chau is a North American professional League of Legends player. He was the Support player for Counter Logic Gaming. In the past, he has also been the AD Carry, Mid Laner, and Jungler for CLG. Retired from competitive League of Legends on October 23rd, 2013.
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Steve "Chauster" Chau hails from San Jose, California. The youngest of his family, Chau always followed his older siblings and mimicked whatever they did, which was predominantly playing games. He first played NES games like Contra, Double Dragon, and Tecmo Wrestling before transitioning to SNES and PlayStation. During that time, he began playing Starcraft I exclusively. However, Chau found it difficult to balance his time for gaming and education, so he decided to take a break from gaming. When he found free time, he tried out League of Legends just as something to do to pass time but eventually became hooked.

League of Legends Career

Throughout his career, Chauster believed that even though he didn't have the best mechanics, reaction time, or skill, he makes up for it with his superior knowledge of gameplay. That entire career was spent with Counter Logic Gaming, from April 2010 to his retirement in 2013. However, throughout that career he played multiple roles on the team. Chauster started as AD Carry as one of the founding members of the team, where he played until November 2011. He then moved to support, replacing Elementz in that role when Doublelift joined the team as starting AD Carry.

In October 2012, Chauster moved to the jungle in the starting roster, when Locodoco joined the team as support, Voyboy left, and HotshotGG moved to toplane. He stayed there until May 2013, when he switched roles once again, landing back in support with bigfatlp rejoining the team in the jungle. Chauster spent the rest of his CLG career there.

On October 23rd, Chauster announced his retirement from League of Legends. He was replaced by Aphromoo. In February 2014, he returned for two final games in the NA LCS Spring Split as a sub for CLG.

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