Chen "CCCLLL" Long (Hanzi: 陈龙) was previously the top laner for Team WE Future. He was previously known as RalnesYoga, Xiasu, and Spicy.
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2015 Season

In December 2014, Chen "RalnesYoga" Long joined Roar and changed his name to Xiasu. He changed his name again in January, this time to Spicy. With Roar, he competed in the NACS 2015 Spring Qualifier, but his team was knocked out by Cloud9 G2A in the first round. The team disbanded in February.

Roar reformed later in the season, but this time it competed in China. It competed in the 2015 Electronic Sports China Cup, but did not pass the round robin stage. Spicy bounced around amateur Chinese teams for the remainder of the season.

2016 Season

Spicy renamed to CCCLLL and became a top laner for Team WE Future. The team competed in the 2016 LSPL Spring Season, but the team was relegated. Afterward, CCCLLL left the team.

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