Bruno "BruNo" Oliveira was previously a substitute jungler for KaBuM! Orange.
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BruNo joined KaBuM! Orange in February 2015 as a jungler, replacing the AD carry Digolera, while dans, who was the jungler at the time, moved back to the bottom lane duo. While the team wasn't in a good position, since the roster change caused them to lose points, BruNo helped the team avoid relegation, with a very good showing at the CBLOL Winter 2015 Promotion Series against IMP e-Sports.

He continued as the team's jungler for the initial weeks of the CBLOL Winter 2015 Season, but his performances weren't as good as the ones in the Promotion Series, which made KaBuM! management decide to replace him in another multi-role change, moving Minerva to the jungle and putting dans, their coach at the time, in the AD carry position once again.

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