Adam "Bodydrop" Krauthaker was previously a support for Eanix.
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Adam "Bodydrop" Krauthaker is from Ottawa, Canada and currently lives in San Diego. Prior to League of Legends, he played World of Warcraft and Bloodline Champions.

League of Legends Career

Bodydrop got into competitive League of Legends playing AD carry in several Go4LoL tournaments in late season 1 and early season 2. He briefly played with Infinite Odds as their support for a few months in 2013.

2015 Preseason

In September 2014, Bodydrop joined a new Enemy eSports lineup consisting of himself, cackgod, Liquid Inori, Wolfe, and otter; he was chosen to be the support player by otter, and earned the nickname "handpicked" as a result. The team took second in the Fall Black Monster Cup, losing to Team LoLPro in the finals. They qualified for the Spring Expansion Tournament via the ranked 5's ladder under the name The cackson 5. In the Expansion Tournament they won their first-round match against Noble Truth 2-0 but then lost 0-2 to Team Fusion in the second round of the tournament and were eliminated.

2015 Season

Enemy played in the North American Challenger Series qualifiers as the #1 seed from the Ranked 5's ladder and qualified for the Challenger Series with 2-0 victories over Arbiters and Darkness. They finished the Challenger season as the top team with a 9-1 record, dropping only one game to Team Fusion. In the playoffs, they defeated Final Five and then Team Dragon Knights and successfully qualified for the Summer LCS split. Enemy's summer split performance was rocky, and they didn't finish higher than seventh place a single week after the second. They ended the split in ninth place, one game above Team Dragon Knights, narrowly avoiding autorelegation. However, in the 2016 Spring Promotion tournament, Enemy lost 3-0 to Team Coast and were sent to the Challenger Series. After their relegation, Bodydrop left the team.

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