Felix "Betsy" Edling is a mid laner for Giants Gaming.

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Felix "Betsy" Edling was born in Malaysia, but grew up in Sweden. He has previously lived in the United States, but currently lives in Sweden. Until season 3, Betsy was a top laner, but he switched to mid lane. Betsy's first apperance at a major tournament was at ASUS Republic of Gamers - Paris Games Week 2013, where he finished forth with his team Poussins.Gaming. In March 2014 he joined Team Property. In 2014 he was also a sub player for H2k-Gaming.

Betsy played at the DreamHack Winter 2014 tournament with another team called Viking eSports and ultimately won the tournament and 100.000 SEK (~13.400 $) prize money with his team.

2015 Season

In February 2015 Betsy replaced niQ as the mid laner of Gambit Gaming for week 5 of the EU LCS Spring Split on a temporary basis; his stay with the team was then extended to week 6, and ultimately after the team's record those two weeks was a combined 4-0, he was made the starting mid laner in place of niQ.

Gambit Gaming had a successful Spring Split, finishing 4th in the regular season, partially thanks to Betsy's impressive performances on  Ahri and  Ezreal in particular. The team's regular season performance meant that they would be playing in the Spring Playoffs. They were beaten 3-1 by Unicorns Of Love in the playoff quarterfinals.

Due to their 1st place finish at IEM Cologne, the team were invited to compete at the IEM Season IX - World Championship. After a Round 1 loss against the CJ Entus, Betsy and Gambit Gaming were knocked out of the tournament, losing to Team WE in Round 1 of the losers bracket.

Betsy and the team had an unsuccessful Summer Split, eventually finishing the regular season in 8th place. This meant that Gambit Gaming would be playing in the 2016 Spring Promotion. Betsy and the team faced mousesports, winning the series and securing their place in the 2016 Spring Season.

2016 Season

On December 9th 2015, Gambit sold their LCS spot to Team Vitality, leaving Betsy as a free agent. In January, Team ROCCAT announced Betsy as part of their roster for the EU LCS Spring Split.

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