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Keaton Cryer
United States
United States
October 1994
Bee Sin
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Keaton "Bee Sin" Cryer was previously the in-house manager for eUnited.
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Keaton "Bee Sin" Cryer was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He started playing games when he was five years old. Prior to playing League of Legends, he played Diablo 2 and Guild Wars. He was involved in a few challenger teams from 2012-2014, including Under Rated Gaming, vVv, COGnitive Gaming, and Team Gyrations.

2015 Preseason

Bee Sin first gained widespread recognition when he was announced as the substitute top laner for Team Fusion, a team that was created with a starting roster of MakNooN, NintendudeX, Huhi, Nien, and Gleeb to play in the Spring Expansion tournament. Before MakNooN arrived in the United States, Bee Sin played with the team in the ranked 5's ladder and helped them achieve a third-place finish, qualifying them for the Expansion Tournament.

On November 17th, it was announced that Bee Sin was moving to a coaching position in the team, when former coach Noblesse left the organization.

Team Fusion didn't qualify for the LCS, losing to Curse Academy and then Team Coast in the offline portion of the tournament, but their placement did give them an automatic seed into the Challenger Series.

2015 Season

After the fourth week of competition in the Challenger Series, it was revealed that Bee Sin had received information leaked by t3azer about CLG Black's scrims with TSM Darkness. Bee Sin had used that information in preparation for Team Fusion's fourth-week matches against CLG Black. As punishment, the team fined Bee Sin for an undisclosed amount and instituted a zero-tolerance policy for him.

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