Jeong "Apple" Cheol-woo (Hangul: 정철우) was previously the top laner for Incredible Miracle.
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Season 3

Jeong "Apple" Cheol-woo made his competitive debut when he joined MiG Blitz as their top laner. The team played in HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013 but failed to make it past the group stage. He left the team in September of 2013 to join the new Korean Quantic Gaming roster as their mid laner. He switched to top again when Woong left the team to make room for SuNo to take over the mid lane position. The team failed to qualify for the 2014 NA LCS Spring Promotion Series and disbanded when Apple left in December of 2014 to join Incredible Miracle 2.

2014 Season

Apple only played with IM2 for HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014. The team only won 2 games and failed to get past the group stage. Apple left the team in May of 2014.

2015 Season

Apple joined Incredible Miracle prior to the start of the Champions Summer Promotion Tournament. IM qualified for SBENU Champions Summer 2015 after going 2-0 against Winners and Anarchy. Going into the tournament, Apple shared the starting top lane position with Lilac. Expession joined later in the season as a third top laner for Incredible Miracle. IM placed ninth in the regular season of Champions Summer and were forced to play in the LCK 2016 Season Spring Promotion. Incredible Miracle played the Dark Wolves in the promotion tournament and beat them 3-1 to requalify for the LCK; however Apple did not play in these games.

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