Tom "1onz" Rahman was previously the support for Overdrive.
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Tom "1onz" Rahman was born on April 14, 1997. He began playing video games, primarily Blizzard titles, at 5 years old. He started playing league of Legends shortly after the open beta period. Because he played so much soloqueue at a high level, Ionz received several offers from pro teams, finally accepting an offer from Monomaniac's main roster; when he was offered a position on 1 Trick Ponies in February 2013, he accepted it, but he was replaced by Unstoppable in April of the same year. Ionz then joined briefly Denial eSports in June 2013, leaving within a month of joining.

2016 season

After nearly three full years out of the competitive scene, 1onz rejoined Denial eSports in May 2016.

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