7 November 2017 - 16:05

Zoe's release skin, Cyber Pop Zoe, turns her into an edgy preteen

This skin is complete with skulls, roller blades, and a lot of black.
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Zoe, League of Legends' next champion, was revealed yesterday by Riot along with her first skin—Cyber Pop Zoe. The original Zoe might look bubbly and cheery, but Cyber Pop makes her League's resident edgy preteen, decked out in all black, skulls, and roller blades.

Zoe hasn't been enabled yet on the PBE thanks to a game-breaking bug, so we can't see her release skin in action, but judging by the splash art, it should be really cool. The price of the skin is also currently unknown, but both Ornn and Kayn's release skins were 1,350 RP, so it's safe to assume her's will cost the same.

Image via Riot Games

Zoe is the first champion in a long time to embrace a goofy personality, a far cry from angsty Kayn and grumpy Ornn. Rakan was the last one, but there have been so many reworks of other not-so-happy champions, like Urgot, Warwick, and Evelynn, that we were definitely in need of something a little less serious.

Zoe and her Cyber Pop skin will likely be released in Patch 7.23 in a couple weeks.

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