Yuumi teleport glitch sends League player into enemy’s base

The cat worked its magic to hold on to all nine lives.

Image via Riot Games

One unlucky League of Legends player found out what happens when teleportation goes wrong.

A Yuumi player posted a bug on Reddit yesterday showing how Teleport left them high and dry behind enemy lines. After attaching to the ally Ezreal with You and Me! (W), the pair attempted to teleport onto a minion in the middle of Summoner’s Rift. But the Magical Cat missed the mark by a unit or two.

The player was baffled at landing in the enemy’s base with no means of escape, spam pinging question marks on their location. Fortunately for the Yuumi, however, this story has a happy ending.

The ally Ezreal came just in time to help Yuumi attach to him, escaping death at the hands of the enemy Ekko.

A savvy fan believes they know what may have caused the bug.

“Apparently Yuumi tried to buffer her W onto Ahri, which was near Ezreal’s tp destination,” the user commented on the Reddit post. “Maybe the ability bugged out because Ahri dashed out of range that instance.”

Essentially, Yuumi pressed W on Ahri prior to the Teleport animation completing, but the Nine-Tailed Fox was out of range. Normally the ability would’ve simply cancelled, but its buffering may have caused a glitch that placed Yuumi in no cat’s land.

Riot Games hasn’t confirmed what caused the glitch to happen. If the bug persists, it will likely be fixed in the next patch.