You’ll no longer be matched against the same player multiple times in TFT in patch 9.16


Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has announced plans to change Teamfight Tactics‘ current in-game matchmaking system that will stop players from going up against the same player multiple times in a row.

Currently, who you face in in-game matches has been random and has led to players constantly being put up against the same player over and over again, while other players have been able to face off against weaker ghost armies and, in turn, increase their chances of a top-four finish.

This is set to change in patch 9.16, however, as Riot has announced that it is introducing a patch that will make it “extremely unlikely” to be matched against players and ghost armies multiple times in a row.

It’s one of many changes that have been added to the game mode over the course of the past few weeks after Riot announced that TFT would become a permanent game mode in League of Legends.

Patch 9.16, which releases next week, will also introduce a new Hextech origin for players to pick up, which comes with four new champions (Vi, Jayce, Jinx, and Camille.)

Players can also expect patch 9.15b to come out tomorrow and bring with it a host of changes to champions and items currently in the game to shake up the meta once again.