Wukong update scheduled to hit League’s live servers before end of 2019

The new and improved Monkey King is set to arrive on the PBE soon.

Image via Riot Games

With League’s preseason just around the corner, Riot Games is revisiting Wukong’s update with plans to launch it on live servers before the end of the year.

Champion designer Nathan “Lutzburg” Lutz posted an update on the Monkey King’s mini-rework today with a list of changes Wukong players can expect to see in the future. These are changes that have been made to the champion after the update’s initial testing period in May.

“We want to take this opportunity to improve Wukong and give him some new tools to succeed in Season 10 and beyond,” Riot Lutzburg wrote. “These tools will include alternative build paths that focus on higher durability, and new ways to capitalize on Wukong’s tricky nature.”

For his passive, the Monkey King now gains resistances when near three or more enemy champions. Additionally, he will gain bonus attack range after using an ability. The physical damage on Wukong’s Q has been reduced but deals bonus magic and heals Wukong. The Monkey King and his clones add stacking marks to their target, which increase the damage they deal by a percentage.

For his W, Wukong dashes to a target location and leaves behind a clone. The clone lasts only a few seconds and is unable to move, but it can attack nearby enemies for 50 percent damage. Similarly, his E now creates a clone upon dashing to a target enemy. Clones are considered units and can be targeted and can interrupt spells.

Wukong’s ultimate has remained relatively untouched, but it can now be cancelled early if Wukong casts another ability.

Lutzburg added that these changes are subject to minor tweaks, but there won’t be a massive overhaul to the proposed rework. Although Riot failed to provide an exact date for when the changes will  arrive on the Public Beta Environment, fans should expect them to go live on the testing server soon. The final product is scheduled to hit live servers before the end of the year.