Draw show for 2020 League of Legends World Championship set for Sept. 15

The anticipation is great.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

Worlds season has officially begun. Now that each major region around the globe has crowned their regular-season champions, eyes have already turned toward League of Legends‘ marquee event and fans won’t have to wait long for their first taste of what the tournament will have to offer.

At the tail-end of the LCS’ finals broadcast yesterday, Riot’s James Dash let the cat out of the bag. The 2020 World Championship draw show will air live on Sept. 15.

There’s no word yet on the specific time at which this broadcast will occur, but seeing as though it’s just around the corner, a full announcement of the show will likely be made soon.

Worlds 2020 will look and feel quite different from any iteration before it. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnamese teams won’t be able to attend the event. Riot also decided to host Worlds in a single-city, using a bubble hub format. This could mean there won’t be any crowds for the majority of the event and it reduces Riot’s ability to produce the kind of top-notch show that usually accompanies the matches at Worlds.

Despite these setbacks, however, the quality of the gameplay could be just as high as its ever been. G2 Esports seem to be back to their dominant ways, JD Gaming and Top Esports are two of the strongest teams China has ever sent to Worlds, and Damwon are finally living up to the standard that the names on that roster demand of them.

Just 10 days after the draw show, the main event will begin. Worlds will start on Sept. 25 and the best team in the world will be crowned on Oct. 31.

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