Worlds 2015: Predicting Riots list of Top 20 players

Every worlds we all know Riot produces a list of the 20 best players heading into the tournament (as they see it). So I thought why not try and predict their list this time around.

Every worlds we all know Riot produces a list of the 20 best players heading into the tournament (as they see it). So I thought why not try and predict their list this time around. They always try to include people from all the leagues, so lets first list out all the possible candidates from each region.


Lets start big. The probable number one on anyone’s list is definitely Faker. I don’t think that needs debating. We’ll include Bengi since he has been one of Korea’s better junglers if not the best this year. Bang is arguably the best adc in korea so we’ll throw him in along with Marin to round out the takes from SKT. Turning to the KT boys, we will take the two standouts; Ssumday and Piccaboo. And finally there is the Koo tigers. None of their laners are really that hot, but to be inclusive we’ll take one name; Smeb. Therefore from Korea we have:

  • Faker
  • Bengi
  • Bang
  • Marin
  • Ssumday
  • Piccaboo
  • Smeb


China is the region with all the star names, so its hard to exclude anyone from this region. The list has only 20 spaces though, so we have to leave some behind. Lets start with the number one seed LGD. I think GODV is the best Chinese midlaner in the entire league, so he’s a sure one. Imp also has to be included, not just for having a fantastic year but being one of only two players to ever play at a worlds the year after winning one. We’ll round out LGD’s players with Acorn. Next there is EDG. Pawn wasnt even on the list last year, so just to be nice he’ll get a toss in. I don’t think anyone would get mad if Deft and Clearlove had their names put on the preliminary list either. And the players from IG; Kakao, Rookie and Zzitai. That gives us the following shortlist from China:

  • GODV
  • Imp
  • Acorn
  • Deft
  • Pawn
  • Clearlove
  • Kakao
  • Pawn
  • Zzitai


Deficio would want the entire Fnatic side in, but we’ll only put three names on the shortlist; Yellowstar, Huni and Febiven (what no Rekkles???). I think those three have been much better then Rekkles this year, thats why I take those names. Rekkles Kalista has been superb, but he’s lacked the fire with other champs. From OG Niels has been amazing. Speaking of Amazing, he has been EU’s best jungler this summer, so he definitely makes the cut. Xpeke hasn’t been at the top of his game this split, but Soaz has been pretty good so he will get the pick. From H2K,  Ryu and Kasing are the only considerable players. Maybe one may want Odo or Hjarnan but given their run at the end of the split, I wont consider them. That rounds out EU to be:

  • Huni
  • Febiven
  • Yellowstar
  • Soaz
  • Niels
  • Amazing
  • Ryu
  • Kasing


Last time round Bjergsen was ranked number 10 by Riot. I dont think he will be in that position again especially considering TSMs performance this summer. However given the sweep CLG made of the NA summer playoffs, I strongly expect Doublelift to make the list, maybe even Zion. Thats all you may see from NA though. Oh, and how did I forget Sneaky.

  • Doublelift
  • ZionSpartan
  • Sneaky
  • Bjergsen


Two names; Westdoor and Kami.

Thats 30 names. After some timely consideration, the following is the order I came up with:

  1. Faker
  2. Deft
  3. GODV
  4. Imp
  5. Ssumday
  6. Pawn
  7. Kakao
  8. Rookie
  9. Huni
  10. Bang
  11. Doublelift
  12. Clearlove
  13. Yellowstar
  14. Niels
  15. Westdoor
  16. Piccaboo
  17. Febiven
  18. Marin
  19. Amazing
  20. Sneaky

Thats it! Remember i’m trying to predict Riots top 20 list so some of these spots are really debatable. Don’t agree with something? Maybe Marin and Piccaboo should be higher? Should PYL and Gorilla be on the shortlist or even make the 20? Have your say in the comments and let me know what you guys think. #Worlds2015