Winions deliver final blow to help League of Legends player get pentakill

Winions OP.

Image via Riot Games

Minions in League of Legends are non-sentient, magical constructs summoned to continually push lanes. But one player showed that they can have far more potential than that.

A League player posted a unique Vayne pentakill on Reddit yesterday that they earned from the grave courtesy of winions.

As the opposing team engaged on the player, they were forced to flash out of the way of a Sion ultimate. Instead of backing off, however, the player decided to jump right into the madness.

Using Vayne’s Final Hour (R), the player was able to weave in and out of invisibility to take out the opposing Sion and Kled. A well-timed Quicksilver Sash allowed them to avoid the stun lock from the Ashe ultimate and finish off two more opponents for a quadrakill.

With one player left, the penta was well within reach. The enemy Qiyana made worm’s meat out of the Vayne, however, seemingly putting a stop to the coveted penta. But the winions had other plans in mind. While the Qiyana was trying to defend the Nexus, she was overwhelmed by minions and eventually died, granting Vayne a pentakill.

In a hilarious final interaction, the camera panned over to the ally Heimerdinger who had the “Game Over” emote hovering over his head.

Now League players have yet another reason to chant “winions OP.”