Will Bel’Veth be enabled for the 2022 LCS Summer Split?

Fans may have to wait a little longer to watch the pros play the game's latest champion.

Image via Riot Games

With Renata Glasc wreaking havoc in the bot lane since making her debut in the previous LCS split, players are now turning to Bel’Veth as the next champion to shake up the pro meta.

The champion, who hit the live servers on June 8, is an attack damage-based jungler. She can already be played in ranked games, and while she has a low win rate at the moment, there’s a good chance she’ll make more of an impact once players master her and fully exploit her potential.

But will Bel’Veth be available to play in the LCS next split or will players have to wait?

Will Bel’Veth be enabled?

Riot has yet to reveal if Bel’Veth will be available to play in time for the next split. But based on other regional leagues like the LPL, the first week of the LCS Summer Split, which is set to kick off on June 17, will be played on Patch 12.10.

This means that Bel’Veth, who joined the game’s roster in Patch 12.11, almost certainly won’t be enabled for the beginning of the split.

In regular circumstances, Riot waits a few weeks before enabling new champions in pro play so players have time to get used to playing with and against the champion in solo queue and in scrims.

Even if the 2022 LEC Summer Split is played on Patch 12,11, Bel’Veth would still likely be disabled for several weeks. This gives the devs an appropriate amount of time to buff or nerf the champion if absolutely necessary.