Why am I writing about Thorin when I should be writing about SSW vs TSM?

? This is the question I'm asking myself right now.



This is the question I’m asking myself right now.

I don’t know why I’m surprised to be writing this article this morning when I should be writing about how TSM managed to earn some respect against SSW, even if they were clearly the worse team. But instead, I’m writing about professionalism in the community, or lack there of. Unless you’ve been asleep, or away from your computer, you probably saw Thorin’s extensive chain of tweets targeting Reginald, Locodoco, TSM’s players, and Leena. This is neither new, or surprising, as Thorin’s feud with Reginald is longstanding, childish, and vastly inappropriate for two members of an industry trying to gain mainstream respect. But a line was crossed today that makes Thorin’s actions not only inexcusable, but grounds for immediate expulsion from his position with ongamers.

In Politics and Sports, two realms well acquainted with feuds, there is an unwritten rule that everyone follows. You never, ever bring family or outsiders into it. Thorin took a massive leap across this line when he chose to include Reginald’s girlfriend, Leena, in a tweet meant to disparage Reginald. I was honestly flabbergasted when I read that tweet. As most long-time sports fans can attest, you never, ever see a sports writer makes such comments about an owner, coach player of a professional sports team. It just doesn’t happen. I was equally surprised when Thorin issued an “apology” that was actually an exact copy (minus the name change) of Reginald’s apology to doublelift from a few weeks ago. An interesting move, as it clearly illustrates how not sorry he is, and makes any future attempts to apologize and back track impossible.

For journalists, like Thorin, it’s important to maintain a goods relationship with the teams you cover in order to get the information you need to do your job. Going out of your way to ensure the most popular organization in the sport black lists you seems not only foolhardy, but detrimental to your own well-being. And that’s just me trying to apply logic to an illogical situation. Throughout the course of this feud, both Thorin and Reginald have said some pretty stupid things. But Reginald has always kept it in house, largely focusing his scorn on Thorin and Montecristo when they take pot shots at his team. Thorin changed the game when he chose to bring Leena into it.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Thorin’s attacks on Wildturtle. Constructive criticism is part of the job of a journalist/analyst, and fair game in any sport. It’s perfectly fine to say a player misplayed a fight, or lost lane, and explain what he did wrong, and what he needs to improve. It’s not okay to resort to personal attacks, especially when those attacks have little connection to the game itself. I have no idea why Thorin chose to make those comments in the way he did. I think that, at this point, his hatred for the TSM organization has become too much for him to effectively do his job. He’s the fox news of League of Legends. Wildturtle is one of the most positive, upbeat, and happy members of the professional community, and is rarely seen without a smile on his face. He, like the other TSM plays, has largely kept himself out of the feud with Thorin and Monte, and his inclusion here is unwarranted.

More disgusting is the mode of attack he chose. Look, I know everyone has probably called someone “Retarded” at some point in their lives. But we are supposed to grow up and learn that’s not okay. That’s a severely offensive word to a decent segment of the population, and one that would get most players/coachs/owners fined in a professional sport.

It is inexplicable to me how Thorin has managed to hold onto his position with OnGamers. After every public outburst, he issues an apology saying he’s going to chance, but never does. At this point, his apologies are worthless, and most likely forced out of him by his superiors. He’s shown no desire to change despite being given multiple 2nd chances, and promising multiple times that he would do so. His sarcastic “apology” this time essentially takes away his ability to back track on any of his statements, making the fallout potentially devastating for his career. Like most fans, I will be keeping a close eye on OnGamers over the next few days to see if anything happens.

As a final comment, I’d like to say the one thing I wanted to be writing this morning. Great Job TSM! You didn’t win, but you showed heart. I’m proud of you.






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