Which items stack in Teamfight Tactics?

To stack or not to stack?

Image via Riot Games

It’s difficult to know when to stack items in Teamfight Tactics. The autobattler is by no means as straightforward as its counterpart, League of Legends, and Riot Games offers little to no help.

If you want to know which items stack in TFT, look no further. You’d normally need to sink a considerable amount of time into the game, but we’ve done the dirty work for you.

ItemDoes it stack?Comment
Blade of the Ruined KingNoNone of the Spatula based items (except Ruunan’s) stack.
Cursed BladeYesThe more Cursed Blades you equip, the higher chance you have to shrink your target. It’s even possible to double shrink a unit.
DarkinNoNone of the Spatula based items (except Ruunan’s) stack.
Dragon’s ClawYesTwo Claws surpass 100 percent magic resist. In most situations, one is more than enough.
Force of NatureYesForce of Nature increases your army by one unit. The more you have, the larger your army.
Frozen HeartYesThis is great on Assassin units.
Frozen MalletNoNone of the Spatula based items (except Ruunan’s) stack.
Guinsoo’s RagebladeYesSlap a couple of these bad boys on Kassadin and you’ll be sailing.

YesEach Hush adds a separate 50 percent chance to silence.

Ionic Spark
NoThis item doesn’t stack whatsoever. If you equip it on a different unit, it’ll be obsolete.

Knight’s Vow
NoNone of the Spatula based items (except Ruunan’s) stack.

Luden’s Echo
NoIt works just fine on a different unit, but it doesn’t stack.

NoThe effect doesn’t stack on the same unit.

Phantom Dancer
NoIt already grants a 100 percent chance to dodge critical strikes.

Rabadon’s Deathcap
YesThat’s a lot of ability power.

Rapid Firecannon
YesDouble the range, double the fun.

Red Buff
NoThe effect doesn’t stack on the same unit.

YesIt absolutely stacks, but it’s rarely worth the resources.

Runaan’s Hurricane
YesHurricane can proc off itself, making stacking incredibly strong. It’s especially powerful on high attack speed units, like Ashe.

Seraph’s Embrace
YesStacking Seraph’s Embrace can be well worth the resources for mana hungry units with deadly ultimates, such as Karthus.

Statikk Shiv
YesDouble or even triple Shiv is strong on Rangers, like Varus and Ashe, in particular.

Sword Breaker
YesThis adds a separate 25 percent chance to disarm.

Sword of the Divine
YesThis item is similar to both Hush and Sword Breaker. Each additional Sword of the Divine adds a separate five percent chance to gain 100 percent critical strike each second.

YesIt’s surprisingly strong on Braum.

Titanic Hydra
YesThis item has potential on Tristana and Graves. It isn’t the best for stacking, but it’s not bad.

Warmog’s Armor
YesThat’s a ton of health regeneration.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade
NoNone of the Spatula based items (except Ruunan’s) stack.

NoNone of the Spatula based items (except Ruunan’s) stack.

YesThis is a risky stacking item. It doesn’t always work as intended.