Today's action in the European League Championship Series (LCS) Regional Finals for the League of Legends 2016 Summer Split just concluded. The final set featured Splyce vs. Unicorns of Love.

Today’s action in the European League Championship Series (LCS) Regional Finals for the League of Legends 2016 Summer Split just concluded. The final set featured Splyce vs. Unicorns of Love.

Here is a recap of what happened:

Game One

Unicorns of Love were looking to continue their unbeaten streak and gallop into that 3rd EU worlds spot, but a hungry snake called Splyce was looking to set them off course in game one of the series. UOL went for Renekton for an early game stomp in their champion picks, but it was Splyce to take the early lead and the early first blood. Both teams proceeded to make messy plays leading to kills being registered across the board. The two squads kept stayed sloppy until Splyce began to take a small lead up until the 30-minute mark, steam rolling to the nexus after taking Baron to take game one and end the Unicorns’ undefeated streak in the regional qualifiers.

Game Two

With Unicorns on the back foot for the first time in the past three rounds, UOL looked to get back into the game to tie up the series. Unicorns were quick off the front foot and stampeded their way into a lead over the course of the map, as the frailty of Splyce’s team composition began to show and Unicorns regained composure and remained cool to tie up the series 1-1.

UOL Exileh showcased his dominance on his Ryze, crushing Splyce and ending the game with a strong 3/0/1 performance after a successful two-man Baron at the 30-minute mark as Unicorns snowballed their way to victory.

Game Three

With the series all tied up, both Unicorns and Splyce were looking to take the front foot after testing the waters with their varied team compositions. Unicorns started off well with a quick first blood on the Tahm Kench in the opening few minutes, followed by Spylce’s unsuccessful team fight bot lane, which Unicorns capitalized on to take an early lead. After an exciting first few minutes into the game, UOL Move continued to aggressively counter jungle Splyce but failed to increase their gold lead through the mid-game. 

However, Unicorns proved their global aggressive team comp was too strong after chipping away at Splyce. Splyce continued to apply pressure and take the game away from Unicorns of Love, fighting until the very last seconds to make the series 2-1 in their favor.

Game Four

Unicorns repeated a similar move from the previous game by winning a team fight in the first few minutes in the bottom lane, but hoping not to have a repeat, they continued to extend their gold lead throughout the game, showing their authority and looking to close out the game quicker than the previous game. Unicorns continued to show no signs of repeated previous errors in game three as they continued to increase their gold lead and overall increase their objective pressure to take game four and take the series to the final deciding game.

Game Five

Splyce make the surprise of the match by first picking Jhin, leading to UOL taking Karma and Nidalee in response. It is Unicorns, though, who make the first mistake in the early game, losing an early skirmish two kills to one after a flawed engage in the bottom lane. The game remained even for the majority of the early game, with no one really willing to make a move, however, Splyce  eventually took a 10k gold lead, but Unicorns did not sit it out. The squad continued to fight as Splyce was too complacent and Unicorns got an Ace and stole a Baron to come right back in to the game.

Unicorns looked to close off the gold lead, any mistake, any bad fight will close the game for either team, but it was Unicorns who lost the final decisive fight. Splyce pushed forward, after 40 minutes, controlling the chaos and winning the series 3-2.

After a crazy best of five, Splyce is your 3rd seed for Europe at the World Championships.

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