When will League’s 2020 end-of-season rewards be distributed?

Get your Victorious Lucian skin soon, along with more loot.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans eager to get their hands on all the end-of-season goodies won’t have to wait long.

With the 2020 season over and a huge preseason patch underway, players have plenty to catch up on. But all that hard work grinding the ranked ladder didn’t go unnoticed.

Here are the 2020 ranked rewards and when you’ll get them.

All ranked rewards will be distributed by Dec. 10 in all regions except China, according to the Patch 10.23 notes. Chinese players will get their loot in Patch 10.24. Some players may already start receiving the rewards now, however.

Players who reached the Gold rank and above will earn the gold-hued Victorious Lucian skin. And for the first time in League‘s history, players will unlock a chroma for the cosmetic for each rank hit above Gold. Anyone who finished their ranked placement matches will also receive Eternals Lucian Series One, a ranked profile icon, and a ranked profile banner trim, regardless of whether you placed in Gold.

The Rift’s righteous players will also get Honor Capsules depending on which honor level they reached. The more enjoyable you were to play with, the better the rewards. And everyone who participated in a Clash tournament will get an icon, logo, and banner based on how many Victory Points they earned.

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