When does Teamfight Tactics’ Beta Pass 2 end?

Don't despair, there's plenty of time to spare.

Image via Riot Games

The second Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass offers fans of the autobattler a chance to get their hands on all sorts of free rewards.

Similar to the first pass, players can level up and unlock six different icons, as well as three map chromas and four emotes. Overall, there’s a total of 9,280 XP available to be earned over the entirety of the eight-week pass.

The Orb of Enlightenment

Additionally, the Orb of Enlightenment has been reworked, allowing for players to be rewarded for multiple games. Excluding the missions, players can earn 70 XP for logging in and 10 for each of their next games. That’s 120 XP every day.


A new set of missions is available with six to complete on a weekly basis. Two of the missions are extremely easy and should be achievable in one playing session, while two more will be determined by playing a certain amount of games. The last two, however, will be slightly more difficult, requiring players to complete a challenge and brainstorm an advanced strategy.

Three missions will be available at any time and will rotate weekly, around the same time as the patch.

The full list of rewards

Tier one: What’s in the Box icon
Tier two: Verdant Arena Skin
Tier three: Mystery Emote
Tier four: Pirate’s Bounty Icon
Tier five: Mystery Emote
Tier six: Three-Star Awesome Icon
Tier seven: Draconic Arena Skin
Tier eight: Mystery Emote
Tier nine: Pass Two Champion Icon
Tier 10: Mystery Emote
Tier 11: Summoner’s Arena Icon
Tier 12: Pengu Portal Party Icon
Tier 13: Dueling Spatulas Icon

End date

The Beta Pass will run until Patch 9.20 on Oct. 9.