When does Clash return to League of Legends?

It's almost time to rally your teams.

Image via Riot Games

League fans, it’s almost time to rally your teams and raise your banners. Clash, League of Legends’ tournament mode, is making its return to the game later this year, and this time, the game mode will be here to stay.

The tournament mode has gone through countless tests in multiple League of Legends regions over the past few years. And although Clash has been nicknamed “Crash” for its bugs and frequent crashing, the mode’s most recent global beta was a hit across the game’s community. The global beta was by no means perfect, but it served as a massive improvement to many of Clash’s previous testing periods.

During Clash’s global beta in December, Riot introduced a number of much-needed changes to the tournament mode, such as rolling bracket starts and a bracket repair tech to quickly fix any bugs. Teams earned rewards, including banners, loot boxes, and summoner’s icons, for simply participating in the Clash tests over the year.

In a recent developer update, Riot informed fans that the tournament mode would soon make its return to live servers with the first season of clash kicking off this year.

“While we ran into some minor issues with the global beta, we’re confident we can fix them quickly and have Clash ready to launch,” League’s lead producer of gameplay Jeremy “Riot Brightmoon” Lee said. “So it’s official. Get your crew together for the start of the first season of Clash, which kicks off early this year.”

Most recently, the League of Legends developer provided fans with a date today, and it may be sooner than you think.

Clash returns March 14 and 15, giving fans another chance to try the tournament mode out before it becomes a permanent feature.