When are Eternals coming to League?

Prepare your wallets.

Image via Riot Games

Eternals are the latest League of Legends feature that will finally allow players to showcase their achievements, track champion progression, and record personal bests.

Eternals are essentially Riot’s answer to the StatTrak from CS:GO. Full details about the feature have yet to be revealed, but unless something changes soon, Eternals will be shipped in their current form.

At the moment—to the disappointment of the League community—Eternals cost Riot Points (RP). This could be subject to change, though.

Despite the harsh words from fans on Reddit and League’s boards, the benefits of Eternals are difficult to ignore. For League enthusiasts, they’ll act as bragging rights, enhancing in-game emotes, and showing off champion skills.

Players will have to pay for those rights, but unless Eternals are too costly, there’s no reason why they won’t be worth the investment.

Eternals will be released to the live servers as part of Patch 9.17. The specific date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but they’re predicted to drop on Wednesday, Aug. 28.