When are challenges coming to League of Legends?

Prepare for trouble, and make it double.

Image via Riot Games

Completing objectives has been a part of the core League of Legends experience for some time. Events in League usually bring missions, which are a set of goals during matches that yield specific rewards when completed. This system leaves some gaps to be filled, however, since these objectives only come and go during events.

Whenever a new set of missions becomes available as a part of an event, most players try to complete as many of them as possible to unlock all the available rewards. They are a decent way to make players engage more with the game, and League is scheduled to receive a new wave of permanent challenges.

Riot Games is looking to add 300 individual challenges to League, which will go live on May 11 with Patch 12.9. Unlike the limited-time missions, however, they will presumably be available permanently. There will be easy and tough challenges, like the quests that become available in events. Riot hasn’t given a rough estimate of how long it may take to complete all the challenges, and it isn’t known whether these challenges can be completed in ranked matches.

Though a decent majority of the player base enjoys completing challenges, some players believe the system can reduce the quality of their ranked matches. These situations generally occur when players decide to complete their tough quests in ranked modes, forcing them to play in a way that they usually wouldn’t. On average, this doesn’t happen that much in higher ranks, but if you’re cruising around Gold and below, you may want to watch out for teammates who play with a secret agenda.

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