What is Faker’s League of Legends solo queue ID at Worlds 2021?

Faker is grinding solo queue in Europe ahead of the World Championship.

Photo via Riot Games

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship is coming to Iceland, which means professional players from around the world are flocking to Europe ahead of the tournament to practice for the season’s biggest event. 

Among all of the players from the 22 teams attending Worlds, there are none more prominent than Faker. The three-time world champion and universally-renowned greatest player of all time is back at Worlds for the first time since 2019. After missing out on Worlds last season, Faker is attending the seventh World Championship of his career. Out of the previous six, Faker has won three world titles, most recently securing the Summoner’s Cup in 2016. 

Faker and T1 will begin their 2021 Worlds run on Oct. 11. After finishing second in LCK regional play, the team was placed into Group B at Worlds. Prior to that point, though, Faker will presumably play as many solo queue games as possible. Here’s how you can find him on the European server. 

What is Faker’s name on the European server?

Photo via Riot Games

Faker’s account on the European League server is named “wincg.” Several members of the League community, including LEC caster Caedrel and LCK journalist Ashely Kang, worked together to sleuth out Faker’s identity. It goes without saying that he’s been playing a majority of his games in the mid lane position in preparation for the World Championship. But he’s been queuing up as a jungler in some games, too. 

Faker plays about six games per day on the account, according to League stats site op.gg. Some of his most played champions on the European solo queue server include LeBlanc, Zoe, and Tryndamere. At time of writing, Faker’s account ranks in the top 15,000 players in Europe and is ranked Diamond I. 

Worlds 2021 is set to begin on Oct. 5 at 6am CT.  

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