Wadid says he regrets rejecting all the offers he got for the 2020 Spring Split

The 22-year old is currently on the LCK analyst desk.

Photo via Riot Games

After joining the LCK analyst desk for 2020, Kim “Wadid” Bae-in revealed today that he regrets rejecting the offers that he received during the 2019-20 League of Legends offseason.

“The more I watch LCK, it motivates me to play more League,” Wadid said. “I think it was great choice to do analyst desk. My final goal is to play again on the big stage so this is really great lecture for me!”

Wadid has been on a professional League team since his debut back in 2016 but the 2020 Spring Split is the first year that he won’t be performing on-stage. His move to the LCK analyst desk doesn’t mean that he has lost the passion to play professionally, however.

In fact, there have been multiple players who have retired or have taken elongated breaks who have said that the fire to compete is still there. For example, former Cloud9 AD carry Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi said that although he’s stepping away from the scene, he still has that drive to compete at the highest level again.

Last year, Wadid played on FlyQuest as the team’s starting support player. It was his first time competing in North America, but he didn’t find much success in his inaugural split in the LCS. Hopefully for the support, however, he’ll be able to find the motivation to enter free agency in the near future.