Volibear, Akali, and Tristana receive much-needed nerfs in Teamfight Tactic’s Patch 9.14B

There's also a host of other champion changes.

Image via Riot Games

Volibear has officially been nerfed into the ground in today’s Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14B. The bear received much-needed armor and attack speed nerfs to make him less of a threat on the TFT battlefield.

He isn’t the only champion to see colossal nerfs in this patch, however. It looks like Riot is trying to kill off a plethora of champions that have risen in the meta since last week’s Patch 9.14, including Akali and Tristana.

Akali’s health has been decreased by 50 and her attack speed was also dropped. Combine this with the nerfs to Locket of the Iron Solari and the reduction in Assassin’s early critical strike damage by 25 percent, and you’re looking at a Ninja with less priority moving forward.

Tristana is another champion that’s seen a slight attack speed nerf, dropping from 0.7 to 0.65. The changes to Cursed Blade, an item with an on-hit ability that gives a champion a chance to reduce an enemy’s star level by one, will also likely affect her strong early game in the process.

This patch isn’t all doom and gloom, though. Poppy received an ability damage increase per level, Mordekaiser now has more health at level one, and Ahri and Evelynn got much-needed damage buffs.

You can check out the full patch notes to learn about all of the changes in TFT Patch 9.14B.