Voids get a new effect in TFT’s 9.19 PBE update

Get ready to deal true damage.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is shifting things around in Teamfight Tactics’ latest PBE patch by giving Void champions a new effect.

Moving forward, having two or four Void champions will see basic attacks and spells from select Void champions deal true damage. At two Void champions, this effect will happen to one random Void character, while having all four will give true damage to all Void champs.

This is similar to what happens with Nobles and Imperials. Only one random champion gets the effect from the Imperial and Noble buffs depending on how many champions on your field.

This is a pretty significant nerf to Void champions and it’d definitely impact the meta. Usually, teams featured two Void champions to take advantage of the chance to ignore 50 percent of a champion’s armor. This is what made Void, Brawler, and Assassin compositions so lethal with a level three Kha’Zix that has a ton of items on it.

If this effect is added to the official game, we could see Voids change in Patch 9.19 in two weeks unless Riot gets enough feedback to postpone or further alter it in the future.