Vex’s ultimate makes an enemy Veigar’s laning phase a nightmare

No cooldown, no problem.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends, bugs sometimes lead to game-breaking advantages.

Vex, the latest champion to join the game, has caused numerous bugs since making her debut in 2021. Most recently, a Reddit user shared a clip of one of his Vex games in which one exploit allowed him to demolish the enemy Veigar in lane.

The clip begins with Vex and Veigar skirmishing with each other. Vex uses her Shadow Surge (R), which hits the Tiny Master of Evil. In order to finish him, the player recasts the spell to dash forward in Veigar’s direction, finishing him off.

Luckily for Veigar, Evelynn comes down to help and avenges him shortly after his death. But when the Gloomist respawns, the player realizes that his cooldown for Shadow Surge is down, and the ability is ready to use again.

Once Vex gets back to the lane, she uses her ultimate ability for the second time in a short amount of time, once again to much success. Thanks to a well-thought-out combination of skills, Veigar gets sent to the fountain for the second time. And Vex’s Shadow Surge cooldown is once again reset.

As the player points out on Reddit, this bug led to a snowball, which results in Veigar and his team losing the game.

A lot of players underline that this bug has been in League for months, and as we can see, it still hasn’t been fixed. They point out that it’s simple to reproduce and hope that Riot will fix it as fast as possible. In the meantime, you may want to consider banning Vex in your games.

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