Veteran Players in League of Legends

A look into how valuable older players can be to new teams and players

In an interview with Gamespot in August 2015 one of the scenes longest serving players hinted that his career would be over before the year was out. Marcus ‘Dyrus’ Hill who has played on Epik Gamer and Team Solomid throughout his career is likely to see his last world championship after attending his first a little over 4 years ago. What does this mean for the future of this veteran player?

It is no secret that many pro players retire only to never be seen again, some find homes on streaming sites such as Twitch while others like Brandon ‘Saintvicious’ DiMarco move into a coaching role with their years of experience. It is this experience that is so valuable to the scene as it grows, new players find themselves being asked to prove their ability on the big stage with hundreds of thousands watching without any previous involvement.

Unlike many traditional sports with large rosters, League of Legends is restricted to just five, making each and every game you play that more competitive because at any moment a shining star on the ranked ladder could take your spot and along with it your job. However the veterans still hold power that no new player will have, and that is knowledge, something that can only be gained with time.

League of Legends in the west doesn’t have academies or many places to foster new talent but it does have access to Riot’s Challenger Series. One team to already reap the rewards of new and old is Renegades, Alexey ‘Alex Ich’ Ichetovkin (Left) formerly of Moscow 5 and Gambit Gaming along with Alberto ‘Crumbzz’ Rengifo (Right) formerly of Team Dignitas are both well seasoned players with 9 competitive years between them. So what makes them different from other challenger teams? They have the the advantage of knowing what it takes, the ups, the downs and the problems you can encounter when going pro. Renegades top laner Oleksii ‘RF Legendary’ Kuziuta has never been on a professional team before and Spring 2016 will mark his first time on the NA LCS stage along with support Maria ‘Remilia’ Creveling. No doubt Renegades’ veterans will play a large part in the team over the course of 2016.

Teams looking to break into the LCS and even LCS teams trying to avoid relegations should certainly look at veterans as an option, they bring skills that can’t be taught and are currently being allowed to retire and disappear into thin air. ESports careers are already short, use experienced players while there is still the chance.

Photo Credit: LoL esports, Renegades