Veigar’s character design in League of Legends is based on an old WoW guild, according to former Blizzard dev

“I am evil! Stop laughing!”

Image via Riot Games

Veigar, League of Legends’ most evil Yordle sorcerer, was reportedly created to pay homage to an old World of Warcraft guild.

Former WoW game designer Kevin Jordan explained on his stream yesterday that Veigar’s character design was based on a Gnome Warlock guild named “The Tiny Masters of Evil.”

“Tom Cadwell, who’s the VP of design at Riot, loved the characters so much that that’s what Veigar is based on from League of Legends,” Jordan said. “You’ll also notice that he is a ‘Tiny Master of Evil.’”

Jordan’s comments ring true since Veigar’s epithet in League is “the Tiny Master of Evil.”

To get into The Tiny Masters of Evil guild, players had to be Gnome Warlocks. And in a hierarchical system reminiscent of wolf packs, the guild master was determined by dueling.

Veigar isn’t the only character to be influenced by the Gnome Warlock guild, however. Hearthstone alluded to the guild by creating the Tiny Knight of Evil Warlock card, according to former Hearthstone game director Ben Brode. The Demon gains one attack and one health for each card that’s discarded.

Despite being one of League’s earliest champions, having been released in July 2009, Veigar’s evil continues to strike fear in the hearts of all champions. 

Just remember, no short jokes.